Over-width permits for self-propelled application equipment

Department of Public Safety

Last year, the legislature removed the requirement for self-propelled agriculture units to have license plates.  Permits for over-width self-propelled application equipment are still required.
Without the use of a license plate there is a different process to purchase permits since the permit website still requires something typed in the license plate field.  The Department of Public Safety has provided instructions outlining the steps to override the license plate field and allow you to still use your personal equipment list.  You can do this online through the DPS Automated Permitting System at sdaps.sd.gov/sdaps#!

If you need assistance, please email office@sdac.coop for the instructions, or contact Lynde Rockwell, SD Hwy Patrol – Motor Carrier Services, at 605/773-2698 or Lynde.Rockwell@state.sd.us if you have any questions.

*** Special thanks to the SD Agri-Business Association for providing and sharing the information. ***