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The SD Cooperative Hall of Fame provides recognition to those who contribute in especially significant ways to enhancing the cooperative idea, its broader acceptance or to the substantial advancement of cooperative enterprise in any of its various forms.  Induction into the SD Cooperative Hall of Fame is the highest honor that the cooperative community bestows on those whose endeavors in the cause of the cooperative form of enterprises have been GENUINELY HEROIC. 

The Hall of Fame recognition is a joint effort of the SD Association of Cooperatives, SD Association of Telephone Cooperatives, SD Cooperative Managers Association, SD Farmers Union, and SD Rural Electric Association.

Individuals selected for the Hall of Fame have demonstrated statesmanship, innovation, personal commitment, leadership and vision for the cooperative sector.  They have achieved identifiable and lasting changes to improve and promote cooperatives, and have inspired others to act to advance the cooperative system.  In addition, they have demonstrated their commitment to the cooperative community through years of service, membership and offices held, as well as their commitment to the community in which they live.

South Dakota is a better place because of the efforts of those inducted into the SD Cooperative Hall of Fame.  Previous inductees into the Hall of Fame are:

1985 - Arthur Jones and Emil Loriks

1986 - Herman D. Holt and Albert Schramm

1987 - August Dahme and John Riedy

1988 -  J. Evans Rasmussen and John Skage

1989  - Warren G. Grebner and Darrell Mosesen

1990 - J. E. Krull, Sr. and Lawrence Stoley

1991 - Clifford G. Bell and Warren Moe

1992 - John A. Cink and Ken Holum

1993 - Clement J. Kloucek and S. Douglas Murphy

1994 - Max Farrar and Philip Testerman

1995 - Oscar C. Johnson and Quentin E. Louden

1996 - Vernon L. Berg and Leo P. Flynn

1997 - G. L. Moseson and Ben Radcliffe

1998 - George Hargens, Jr. and J. D. Lynd

1999 - Virgil Fodness and Raymond Judy

2000 - Joseph Hieb and Keith Taylor

2001 - Robert Johnson and Donald Olson

2002 - Vincent Erz and Don Wynia

2003 - Brian Meyer and Don Paulsen

2004 - Ed Fritzsche and Dean Rasmussen

2005 - Robert Ching, Darrell Henderson and  Alex J. Stoeser

2006 - Robert Rademacher and Dennis Hagny

2007 - Leroy Schecher, Ralph Schreurs and  Merlin VanWalleghen

2008 - Charles Olsen and Donald Fieber

2009 - Delbert Bushong and Owen Jones

2010 - Jake Boomsma, Milo Gilbertson, Barry Jensen

2011 - Jeff Nelson and Wayne Wright

2012 Luverne Crosser, Gary French, Ron Minnaert, Larry Wilson

2013 Tom Hueners, John D. Johnson, Loren Noess

2014 Gene Kroell, John VanBeek, Harvey Wollman

2015 Keith Hainy, Roy Ireland, Rodney Renner, Carlyle Richards

2016 - Bill Bielmaier, Mark Hofer, Ronald Sandine

2017 - Clair Bonebright, Jerry Heiberger

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